How Images Help SEO

Rank Higher In Search Engines With Images


Given the enormous number of websites on the internet, obtaining a page one Google search engine ranking can be very difficult. Google's search-and-index web crawlers are frequently updated and searching for fresh, recently updated content to place toward the top of search engine rankings. Websites that are updated less frequently will loose their chances of making page one of a search result.


Images are more important than ever when it comes to SEO. Studies completed by Forrester Research concluded that Web pages with online video were 50 times more likely to have a page one ranking than traditional text-only Web pages. Google defines "video" as video footage, photography, PowerPoint presentations, and slide shows. Google does not distinguish between these different forms of media; it instead relies on the scanning of the image title and metadata text to know the type of media.


As you consider adding images to your website, keep the following in mind:


  • Do not duplicate or link to external images. Copyright violation is a serious problem, and Google knows that you are stealing images. Stay original.
  • From an SEO perspective, image title and metadata are more important than the image itself. Google search bots can't "see" the image for what it is, so they rely upon your title and the metadata descriptions you provide. Be descriptive, and use keywords that relate to the other content within the page.
  • Keeping your content relevant to your website's theme is important for search engines, so keep your content specified. Determine your subject keywords before you upload your media. Be descriptive with your image title and metadata and stay focused on your site's overall focus and theme.


People are visual; they love imagery. Incorporating creative, original photographs into your website will give your site more character and appeal. Images will capture a visitor's attention, urging them to stay longer and learn more. Increased visitor traffic to your website will help improve your SEO and increase your odds of obtaining more clients.


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