Even a Simple Headshot Requires the Services of an Experienced Photographer

More Than Just Point-and-Shoot

Have you ever wondered why some photographers, like Annie Liebovitz or Richard Avedon, have such a tremendous reputation? It's because they have a talent for eliciting their subjects' personalities: a headshot taken by a run-of-the-mill photographer will lack sparkle, but the typical Avedon or Liebovitz portrait is literally worth more than a thousand words. All of which is another way of saying that a good headshot can be a surprisingly hard thing to find!

What Are the Ingredients of a Good Headshot?


Assuming that you need to have your headshot taken in order to feature it on your law firm's website, in a YouTube video, or on your mailed promotional materials, you need to hire a photographer who:


  • Has the time and patience to take literally hundreds of shots, from various angles, in order to have a good chance of identifying that one superb shot.
  • Has experience working with people, rather than buildings, pets, or any other subject. A surprising number of aspiring photographers think that taking a headshot is no different than capturing a landscape, which is simply not true.
  • Owns a professional-grade camera. Sure, you can take a good picture using the camera function of your smartphone, but it won't be captured at a high enough resolution to be appropriate for various media. Beware if your headshot photographer uses an entry-level Nikon camera that you can buy at Costco!
  • Has good taste. Assuming your photo session produces reams of contact sheets, containing hundreds of images, you need your photographer to have a sharp enough eye to immediately identify the best shots. Don't let him leave that decision up to you, though your input should definitely be solicited.
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