A Professional Photographer Shouldn't Have a "Bad Day"

The word "professional" has various connotations, but, in the world of business, it usually means an individual who performs his or her duties to the best of his or her abilities, no matter the circumstances and no matter how he or she happens to be feeling that day. You wouldn't, for example, want your dentist to inflict unnecessary pain on you because he had an argument with his wife that morning, and you wouldn't want your accountant to forget to take a deduction because he was hung over from a party the night before he did your taxes.

The same principle applies when it comes to hiring a photographer to take pictures, either at your place of business or at a special event (an awards banquet, a press conference, etc.) You want the person to show up on time, to behave courteously, and, of course, to take pictures that you can later use on your company's website or in your promotional materials. The last thing you want to hear is excuses as to why the pictures didn't turn out as intended ("I forgot to bring the right lens," "The lighting was too dim and I had a headache," "You didn't tell me that the music would be so loud and distracting," etc.)

It can be tough to find a competent, professional photographer on your own - just witness all those cases on "Judge Judy" in which a disappointed customer sues a photographer for failing to deliver the goods. What you should do is avail yourself of the services of the photography experts at Gearshift. We draw on the best, most professional photographers in the D.C. area, and we make sure that the person we hire is the one best suited to your needs. Questions? Call us today at 877-477-7883!

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San Francisco Engagement Photographey 04/27/2013 12:18 AM
The use of effects and adjustment of camera settings were just right to create unique and inspiring photos. You must really have an eye for photography. This really is a wonderful portfolio!
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