Good Photography Can Make or Break your Real Estate Business

Why Photography Can Help Your Real Estate Business

It should come as no surprise that photography is one of the most valuable marketing tools for real estate companies. For real estate marketing, there is nothing that stands out more than compelling photography when potential buyers search online. Virginia photography companies have been assisting realtors in the Washington DC metro area in creating dynamic photography that leads to better business.


There are numerous benefits to using professional photography for your marketing:


  • Your properties will look more attractive. Simply put, photography with the proper technique will add appeal to your properties and make them look more attractive.


  • Show them you mean business. Potential buyers or renters will note the difference between your professional images and the amateur images of competitors. People appreciate the fact that you are willing to give them high quality images of the property so they can see if it fits their needs.


  • Save yourself time. Time is money, and the more time you spend researching DSLR camera bodies, lenses, learning proper photo technique, spending time post-processing images, and actually taking the pictures, the less time you have to focus on your business. By hiring professional photographers, you get inspiring images that help promote your business while saving you time.


People searching for a property do not want to see flat, lifeless, and dull images of the property they are about to invest in. Successful real estate photography involves many factors, some of which include:


  • Proper use of a wide-angle lens. A common misconception among real estate agents is that their wide angle lens is for "getting it all in." Wide-angle lenses, when used to create a distant landscape shot of a house or condo, tend to make the property appear small and distorted. Instead, wide lenses are all about getting closer to the subject. A talented photographer will use a wide angle lens to suck the viewer into the scene. Proper wide-angle technique can also make a room appear bigger.


  • Color fidelity and saturation. It is all too common to find real estate listings with washed-out colors or unrealistically bold colors. Careful post-production processing of digital images can yield images that accentuate the colors you want for your property, while simultaneously correcting colors that are ugly or inaccurate.


  • Composition and time of day. Professional photographers know that the time of day your picture is taken can be just as important as your composition in achieving a compelling image. Photographers tend to avoid the middle of the day for outdoor shoots; the bright sun will wash out colors and clip highlights. Instead, shooting in early morning or late evening with a tripod and remote shutter release is preferred. Not only will you achieve better color with this technique, but you will also still retain sharp results due to the tripod.


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