If you want your law firm to shine on YouTube, you naturally need to hire a professional photographer who can capture the essence of your practice and elicit usable “performances” from you, your staff, and your partners. The kind of person you don't need—or, rather, the kind of person you should only hire with extreme caution—is a twenty-something film-school graduate who knows his way around a music video and has uploaded some very funny clips to YouTube, but who has no experience working in a professional environment.


You can probably guess why. Even if this Next Big Director is only taking your law-firm gig as a way to make money, he probably won't be able to suppress his instinct to somehow “jazz up” your firm's video with special effects, inappropriate humor, or other techniques that might well appeal to the Gen-Y audience but won't impress your potential clients (who may be collecting Social Security benefits). You'll wind up spending needless hours wheedling your photographer to tone down the video or scrapping his footage entirely and hiring a plain, “boring” video professional who knows how to deliver the results you're looking for.


At Gearshift, we don't put much stock in who is up and coming on the YouTube circuit or whose indie film has wowed audiences at Sundance. You want to make a simple, direct video to promote your law firm, not an avant-garde short film that earns an Academy Award nomination. Any questions? Call our team of video professionals at 877-477-7883 for a free consultation today!

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