The Right Photographer Can Make or Break a Law Firm's Videos

Hiring a photographer (or videographer, as it's sometimes called) to shoot your law firm's YouTube videos is a bit like hiring one for your wedding: you want someone who's easy to work with, who knows his stuff inside and out, and who doesn't grate unnecessarily on the people he's filming. Since hiring the right photographer is such a crucial part of the video process, it's important to do your homework and identify the right person for the job.


The Right Photographer Can Make or Break Your Law Firm's Video


Many lawyers think they can get away with hiring their 12-year-old nephews to shoot them on their iPhones, in return for a hot new video game. This is a major mistake, especially if you want your law firm to come off professionally in its YouTube videos. What you need to do is hire a professional photographer, preferably one with the following qualities:

  • Experience. Ideally, the photographer you hire should have some prior experience shooting videos for law firms, or for other corporate clients. A college kid who has one or two music videos under her belt (even if they're popular on YouTube) wouldn't necessarily do a good job in the more staid legal world.
  • Equipment. Any professional photographer should own, or have access to, professional-grade video equipment. After all, one of the main reasons you're hiring a photographer in the first place is because you don't want to invest in the thousands of dollars of equipment necessary for a professional-grade video shoot.
  • Likability. Have you ever seen how people act when they're being filmed by someone they don't particularly like? On video, they come off as distant, uninterested, and even vaguely hostile—which is definitely not the image you want your law firm to convey. A photographer should be easy to work with, and have good people skills.
  • Reliability. If you need to have your law firm's videos posted on YouTube sooner rather than later, you don't want to hire someone who dithers and delays before delivering you the footage you contracted for. References from clients should help establish whether your candidate delivers the goods on time.


At Gearshift, We Employ Only the Best, Most Reliable Photographers


You can spend an entire day making phone calls, sending emails, looking through web listings, and trying to hire the right photographer for your law firm's videos. Or you can just call Gearshift at 877-477-7883 and let us take care of the process for you. We employ only the best video photographers in the business, who will ensure that your law firm looks as good as it can on a computer or mobile screen!