I have a limited marketing budget for my Washington D.C. business. Should I consider video or photography?

Most businesses have limited marketing budgets, and they want those budgets to yield the greatest possible results. That is understandable and does not have to be a hindrance if you plan a coordinated marketing effort. One of the ways to keep your marketing costs under control and still get the video and photographs that you need for all of your online and offline marketing materials is to hire a company that specializes in both video and photography. 

Gearshift is experienced in producing dynamic online video and great photographs for our clients. Together with our clients, we can help you identify your priorities and implement a well-designed plan to help you meet your most important business marketing goals. 

You may not have to pick between online video and still photography. Instead, you can have both and realize the benefits of photography. Photography can, for example, help draw readers to your written content and other important information. Photography can catch a reader’s eye and show important parts of your business in a professional and effective way. 

For more information about photography and about making marketing decisions for your business, please call Gearshift to speak with an experienced photographer. You can reach us via our website or at 877-477-7883. 

mike tyson