Why can’t I just upload pictures from my cellphone to my business website like I do for my personal Facebook page? Do I really need a Washington, DC, professional photographer to add photos to my website?

If you are asking the first question about whether it is okay to use your cellphone to upload photos to your professional website, then the answer to your next question about whether you really need a DC photographer for business photos is likely yes.

The quality of a cellphone picture is usually not good enough to put on your website. There may be some uses for cellphone photography, such as adding a quick picture to your business Facebook page or even a quick blog entry. However, you want your main website and most (if not all) supporting pages to look professional. Thus, you might benefit from a good quality camera, state-of-the-art editing resources, and a professional photographer.

Website photos can set you apart as a highly polished professional who is to be trusted before a visitor to your website even reads a word on his or her screen. Alternatively, poor quality website photos can brand you as a professional who does not put 100% into what he or she is doing, which is clearly not the message you want to send.

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