Using the Power of the Lens to Create Quality Videos

When it comes to quality video production, you can’t ignore the lens.  What is so amazing about video is that you are able to bend reality from the human eye’s natural perception, which is accomplished with the lens.  Choosing the right lens is crucial when creating dynamic video.

Macro Lens
You can use a macro lens for an extreme close up, such as of an ant on the sidewalk.  Some cameras come equipped with a macro setting, which allows you to focus closer on your subject. For the most part, the macro capability is automatic.  If your camera does not have a macro setting, you can purchase a supplementary macro lens.

Telephoto Lens
A telephoto lens comes in handy when you are trying to shoot a subject that is far away, like a bird flying in the sky.  This type of lens is typically used in wildlife videography, were the subject is being observed from a far distance.  A telephoto lens is also great when you need to survey a large location and show your audience where the filming is taking place. 

Manual Focus vs. Auto Focus
If you have a nice camera, there is a good chance that it will have the ability to manually operate the focus or it will have an auto feature.  So, which one should you use?  Generally, you will use the auto focus, especially if there is a lot of movement in the shot.  If you want to add some depth to an interview or do something in particular with a stationary shot, then you may want to engage the manual focus.

By utilizing the appropriate lens, you will be on your way to obtaining the types of shots that you want.

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