How to Make an Interesting Video Out of Boring Content

If you have been charged with creating a video for Aunt Betty’s 90th birthday party or if you are supposed to produce a video of a school field trip to the museum, you are probably trying to figure out how to make the video a little more interesting.  While it may be entertaining to watch your family members mingle at the birthday party, it can also get boring, quickly.  You need to have some creativity  during the video production process.

When it comes to creating interesting videos that people will actually want to watch, it involves more than just the initial video shoot.  You have to think strategically and be innovative, as you shoot AND edit the video footage.  Here are some tips to add a little more excitement to an otherwise dull video:

1.    Add music.  Music makes a video livelier and audio is a major component of a quality video.

2.    Keep it short.  You will lose the attention of your viewers if you have lengthy clips.  Visuals should be short, simple and deliberate.

3.    Include interviews.  While you are at the event, pull some people aside and ask questions.  It is helpful if you create these questions ahead of time.  Try to get unique insight from the individuals you interview.

4.    Use titles.  A great way to add interest to a video is to use titles.  For example, if you interview someone, include the person’s name.  Just be sure to not distract from the visual.

5.    Consider voiceovers.  You can use sound recording equipment to add a narration to the video.

It just takes a little ingenuity, but you can take boring video footage and turn it into an interesting final piece!

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