Three Defining Stages of the Video Creation Cycle

Often times in video production a few terms are thrown around to help classify the production of a film and at what stage a project is in. Pre-production, production and post-production are the three defining stages of a video’s creation cycle. If you can begin to understand the relevance of each phase and how they coordinate with each other, then you can be well on your way to becoming an excellent cinematographer.

The goal of pre-production is to figure out how to take a concept and turn it into a powerful video. By the time pre-production rolls around, typically the work begins of figuring out what locations, props, costumes, and special effects will be needed on what days and for how long. A large part of the pre-production process is the meeting with all of the people involved and ensuring that the script is sufficient to get started.

The production stage is where most people believe the “magic” happens. It is the time when the entire video is shot. Follow through is key to having a successful production phase and all timelines and notes made in the pre-production stage should be followed. Having the ability to think well on your feet and make necessary changes are important.

Post-production is where all the editing happens and in essence when the video is built from the multiple cuts that were made in the production stage. It is when any voice over work is done and layered over the initial film. This is also the time when music is added to the video and any visual effects are digitally created.

With a solid understanding of the roles of each of these stages you can have a well thought out and calm shooting schedule that will not negatively impact the message you are trying to portray.

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