LED Technology is Revolutionizing Video Production

On set lighting can be especially difficult for smaller video shoots, such as intra-company video newsletters, video blogs, or videos that have budget constraints. If you are filming in an outdoor environment, then there are only a few options that are afforded to your video production team.

The first option is to run a generator to power your lights. However, running a generator can add even more work by creating exhaust noises that will need to be reduced to some level.

The second option is to tap into an existing power source, but if you go that route, you should have an electrician on hand. The reason a qualified electrician is recommended has to do with the fact that light wattages used in video production tend to be higher than what wall sockets can handle. Therefore, you run the risk of harm to both the lights and the power source.

The third option is to just nix lighting all together, which is not realistic. To achieve good lighting, you need a mixture of both natural light and lamp light.

There is a fourth option, which has become more viable in recent years and that is the use of high output LEDs. LEDs, also known as light emitting diodes, are small sources of light that are about the size of the end of a Q-tip. When put together in large groups, LEDs create a great light source.

In the past, LEDs have been traditionally viewed as a subpar source of light, but with recent leaps in LED technology they are becoming brighter than ever. The magic of LEDs rests in their need for only a fraction of the wattage that either tungsten or metal halide lamps require.

What the LED option means to smaller video production is the ability to shoot with more light at a location either running off a battery source or from a standard power outlet without creating the risk of blowing breakers or possibly starting a fire. The lifespan of LEDs are also longer than traditional tungsten or metal halide bulbs, which is helpful when it comes to your bottom line.

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