Give Your Employees a Voice with Weekly Video Blogs

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the need for companies to be transparent. A culture of transparency breeds trust in your customers. If they see you being honest and open about your operation, even if certain things aren't so pretty, they will appreciate you and begin to view you as a trustworthy company they want to do business with. One way you can achieve this level of transparency and trust is with weekly employee video blogs.

This won't necessarily work for every type of business. But, if this sounds like something your company could do, you should certainly try it out. Post a weekly video blog on your company website, highlighting a different department each week. One week can be your marketing department, and another week could be the CEO or your sales department. See what we mean? Have as many people from each department in the video as possible, and task them with giving updates to your customers. There are certainly some things you won't be able to share with the public, but they will appreciate the things you do share. Tell them about the technological advances you are working toward, new social media techniques you're trying out, or innovative products you're trying to create. The goal is to share enough to whet their whistle without compromising your business by giving too much information away. It also gives the customers a chance to get to know your employees on a more personal level, making them feel more like a part of your corporate family.

If this sounds like something your company could benefit from, Gearshift's on-location video production services might be a great option for you. We can come to your office to film the employee blogs, edit them, and have them ready to go for you. Call us today at 703.962.1270, and let's talk about what you need.

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