You'll Have to Arrange in Advance for Your Video's Props

Depending on how ambitious your TV commercial or YouTube video is, you may find yourself in need of props, which can range from bedroom furniture to an office desk to a giant chicken costume. To make your video studio rental go as smoothly as possible, you'll need to have your props delivered and set up in advance of your shoot—a task that Gearshift will be glad to assist you with.

You'll Need More Than a Bare Studio for a Successful Shoot

Unless you're producing a minimal promotional clip—say, a talking head superimposed on a green screen—you're going to need an assortment of props for your video shoot. Some of these (samples of your product, a favorite painting, etc.) you may want to bring yourself, but you'll have to scare up the rest elsewhere. The most common places to find props are:

  • The company that has rented you the video studio. Any firm that hosts two or three shoots a day is bound to accumulate various items that can be recycled from one shoot to the next—and which may be available for the asking.
  • A professional prop company. Unless you have a big budget, a local prop company may not consider you enough of a “big fish” to merit their business. But they may be willing to negotiate if you're willing to part with your cash.
  • A local theater or school. If you need the kinds of more-or-less convincing props (curtains, beds, uniforms, etc.) that are likely to be employed in a small stage production, these may be worth approaching. Of course, you'll have to place your request well in advance!

Generally, option #1 is the least painless—and, if you collaborate closely with the video studio, all of your prop needs will be taken care of by the time you arrive with your cast and crew at the front door.

Need Props for Your Shoot? Contact Gearshift Today!

At Gearshift, we can connect you with others in the DC area who will supply the props for your shoot—or (depending on what you need) we can even outfit you from our own inventory. Questions? Call our video studio rental professionals at 703-962-1270 to find out more today!