Hiring a professional photographer for your business is, in many ways, like hiring other types of vendors. You expect that the photographer you choose is going to reflect well on your business, be an asset to your business endeavors, and be worth the money that you pay for the his or her services. Accordingly, it is important to ask questions and to expect certain answers before you hire a Fairfax business photographer.


What to Ask – and What Answers to Expect


Some of the questions you might want to ask include:


  1. What is your turnaround time? When can I expect to see the pictures? Generally, you should expect to see the pictures within three days of the event.
  2. What kind of experience do you have photographing business events? It is not only years of experience that you want to know about. It is also important to see samples of the photographer’s work. A business photographer should have a portfolio ready for you to view.
  3. How much will you charge me for this event? The price should be discussed before the event so that there are no surprises.


Of course, you might have additional questions to ask that a good photographer for business events should be able to answer.


Call a Professional Photographer in Fairfax Today to Have All of Your Questions Answered


For more information about how to hire a professional business photographer in DC and the surrounding areas, please call Gearshift at 877-477-7883. We also encourage you to learn more about the Nikon D7000 camera in our FREE report Everything You Need to Know About the Nikon D7000.

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