A Happy Customer's On-Camera Words of Praise Can Be Priceless

Get Client Testimonials on Video

You work so hard at what you do that receiving an e-mail or phone call from a satisfied client can really make your day. However, on top of validating all of the effort you put in, a good customer testimonial can really help your company bring in a slew of new business. It's no longer just about friends telling friends about their favorite businesses (though that is still a huge help). Potential customers and clients are now doing a lot of research online and rely on the masses to give their opinions about your company. People are going to say what they want online, but why not take some control of your company's reputation and recruit the help of some of your happiest customers?

Having a basic testimonial page on your website is a great start, but consider bringing it to the next level with video. It's one thing to read a testimonial, but it's another thing to hear it directly from that person's mouth and to see the way his or her face lights up while talking about how much he or she loves your business. Sometimes it's the non-verbal cues that can say the most.

Getting video testimonials from clients is not as hard as it may seem. Many people are actually more than willing to help you out. Start by reaching out to your loyal customers who you have an established relationship with and ask them if they would be willing to participate. We can do an on-location shoot with you, which means we can tape the clients in their houses, at your office, or at another location of your choosing. Or you can bring your client to our Gearshift, and we can do a quick taping of the testimonial in front of a green screen.

Let us help you improve your business with the use of client testimonials and professional video production. Contact our Gearshift today at 703.962.1270.

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