At Least One Thing Goes Wrong on Every Video Shoot

If you've just rented a video studio and are dreading the logistics of shooting a TV commercial or promotional video for your company, you may envision a scenario in which literally everything goes wrong: your spokesman fails to show up (or forgets his lines when he does), a key piece of camera equipment breaks down, or your computer malfunctions and you can't upload an essential piece of green screen video footage. The result is that you've spent a thousand nonrefundable bucks and accomplished absolutely nothing.

Well, you can relax. You'd be an unlucky person indeed if literally everything that could go wrong during your video shoot did go wrong. By the same token, though, you'd have to be extraordinarily lucky to get through your shoot without at least one thing going awry—a light blows out, say, or a cameraman misplaces a wide-angle lens. What's important to keep in mind is that a temporary inconvenience is not a catastrophe. You may have to cool your heels for ten minutes while the situation is rectified, but your shoot will be up and running again before you know it.

At Gearshift, we know that very few video shoots are completely seamless—and, in fact, a trouble-free shoot may well result in a very competent but also very boring video. A little tension is essential to the creative process, whether you're shooting a YouTube video, a TV commercial, or a Hollywood blockbuster! The issue is whether your problem can be easily resolved—and, at Gearshift, our experts are constantly at hand to help you through any difficulties. Questions? Call our video studio rental representatives today at 703-962-1270 to find out what we can do for you.

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