Don't Assume You Can Shoot in Your Own Office Building


For many businesses in the DC area, shooting on location isn't much of a stretch. You can simply  film their YouTube video or TV commercial in your own office or HQ building. This may seem like a slam-dunk. After all, you already know the layout of your own office space, and you may even have the key to the freight elevator so you can lug up all those heavy cameras and other pieces of equipment.


There may be a major complication, though. Unless you own your office building outright, you may be accountable to the landlord from whom you rent your space. In these security-conscious times, the managers of big office buildings may be uncomfortable about shooting footage in the fancy lobby, and they may even object to filming within your own offices (especially if this involves knocking down walls, rerouting cables, or causing any major disruptions to other tenants).



In most cases, if you apprise your building manager or landlord well in advance, there won't be any surprises when you show up with your equipment. Occasionally, though, you'll get a firm thumbs-down on your video request, in which case you may have to reappraise your plans and shoot your video at another location. (This won't necessarily be any easier, since you still may have to secure permission from the owner of the other property or from the municipality if you're shooting on a road or in a public park).


At Gearshift, we know all the legal complications that can beset an on-location video shoot, including securing permission from a building's owner. That's why you should call our on-location video experts today at 703-962-1270 for a free consultation!

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evanseasyspace 03/11/2013 06:34 AM
I was not aware of this, but after I gave it some thought it made perfect sense and I really agree with the points made throughout this blog. If you don't own the building then taking photos of it is just as illegal as taking photos of someone else's house,
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