How to Shoot the Perfect Interview on Camera

Make sure that before you even show up to shoot a video interview that you have all the gear you will need to get the job done. That means a camera with charged batteries, lighting, a tripod, a list of potential questions, and any assorted cables that may be necessary.

Nothing will sour your interviewee’s take on your professional manner faster than not being prepared to do what you came to do. It is necessary to remember that often the person you are interviewing is taking time out for his or her day to accommodate you, so the least you can do is be fast and efficient in getting the information you need.

When setting up where the interview will occur, do not make your subject sit in place as you are setting up. Instead, only have them sit at the last moment; this will help in keeping his or her morale up and will in turn create a more effective interview. Also, make sure that you position a chair for yourself, as well, because if you are moving then your subject will be looking around to follow you. That will end up distracting your audience!

Your camera needs to be set up perfectly both in visual and audio respects. The camera should be cropped up tightly on the interviewee, so there are no distracting movements in the background. Bring headphones and use them to set up your audio levels, because the camera will hear things differently than your ear.

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