Pick Music That Enhances Your Video

When shooting a video, music is a very important part of the equation and can impact the video either good or bad. With just a few helpful ideas in mind you can be well on your way to producing a video that has music that compliments and even enhances your content.

The first thing to keep in mind is an understanding of what your music is saying to your audience. What exactly are the lyrics saying and how are they a reflection of your company’s business ethic? The last thing that you want is a message from the music that will compete with the one you are trying to convey to the audience.

Secondly, the tone and style of the music that you want to use should be taken into consideration. There is a difference between what you may want to use and what would be best for you to use. For example, using a top 40 billboard hit could date your video.  Making a timeless video is infinitely better in the long run and if you use the correct music, then that is more then easily attainable.

It is important to also consider the tone of the music. If it sounds like a sad song or doesn’t go with the subject matter, then you probably want to keep looking.  The tone of the music should match your content.

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