RightsFlow Music on YouTube

RightsFlow is a music licensing and royalty service provider which began in 2007. The company has recently been acquired by Google, which will integrate the RightsFlow technology into the YouTube platform. YouTube management will use this as a tool to keep copyright infringement issues at bay – especially after a lawsuit brought on by Viacom a few years back (in which YouTube won the case due to a law that protects companies from infringement suits if content is removed immediately following a violation). 

                                    rightsflow and youtube


How does the process work? Using the YouTube Content ID system already in place, the site performs an automated search to reveal which content is being used without permission. The RightsFlow system then uses its database to establish payment for the copyrighted music to provide the rightful owner with what they are entitled to. The system handles identification of owners’ rights as well as payments. 


This acquisition will likely benefit both companies in the long run. RightsFlow will have the opportunity to expand as YouTube does, and YouTube will have to worry less about copyright issues- especially since music video channel VEVO is the most watched channel on YouTube averaging over 50 million viewers a month.


The YouTube music climate will see a number of changes in the coming months- musicians, artists and labels alike will begin to receive the credit they deserve for their original work. There are many ways to effectively integrate music into your marketing videos – we can help! Call Gearshift at 1-877-477-STUDIO to get started today. 

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