Should You Hire a Spokesmodel for Gearshift Rental Time?

The decision about whether to hire a spokesmodel for online videos is clear cut for some Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia businesses. Some businesses have owners or staff members who are eager to be on screen, and others have absolutely no interest in being on screen. In these cases, the decision about whether to hire spokesmodels is easy, but what happens when you are on the fence and can’t decide whether you should appear on screen? How do you make a decision?

Consider the Benefits of Online Video Spokesmodels

In order to decide if you want to hire a spokesmodel to appear for your business, it is important to consider:

  • Whether it is beneficial to your business for your face to appear in online videos
  • The cost of hiring a spokesmodel
  • The on-camera talent of Gearshift spokesmodels who have experience with voiceovers, television, and online videos
  • Whether you need a video right now to cover a breaking news topic or other critical event and whether you can be available to do the video immediately

Of course, you should take some time to consider the specific spokesmodel choices before making an educated decision about whether a spokesmodel is right for your videos.

Call Gearshift to Discuss Your Options and Book Your Studio Rental

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