Show Off Your Interesting Office with an On-Location Video

Corporate Highlight Videos Can Show Off Your Space

Do you think you have a unique office? If so, showing it off with web video marketing may impress potential customers, as well as job hunters who are looking for a great place to work.

We know that not all office spaces are the most exciting, but many companies are making an effort to bring out some personality in their work spaces. Here are some examples of fun things we've seen in offices around Virginia and the D.C. area:

  • Pool tables
  • A kitchen stocked with free snacks
  • Forgoing typical cubicles for a more open office atmosphere
  • A rec room with a video game system, board games, and bean bag chairs to relax
  • Nap rooms

Not every company will be as extreme, but it's important to think outside the box and consider what outsiders would label as interesting. Maybe the inside of your office isn't the greatest, but the outside of it is really special. Are you in a beautiful historic district of your city? Does your office have a magnificent water view? Think about what makes your office unique and run with it.

Bringing Gearshift to your office for an on-location shoot is an excellent way to infuse your web presence with a little personality. Instead of shooting a video where you tell customers or prospective employees that you have a wonderful office atmosphere, show them! Seeing the pride you take in your work space and how much you care about the happiness of your employees goes a long way. It doesn't necessarily matter if you have an office that your clients never set foot in—you want to show them that you are human and care about more than just making money. It's all about creating a favorable public persona, and an informal office tour video is a great way to work toward that.

If you are interested in our video studio's on-location video production services, give Gearshift a call today at 703.962.1270.

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