The Benefits Of Shooting On Location

Shooting video in a studio allows us to control things like lighting and sound.  Green screen technology provides the opportunity to seamlessly embed video into your website with total control over background and colors, but there are some situations where you would want to film outside the studio.

Here are a few benefits to getting out of the studio:

  • Show your audience who you are and where you are.  It is vitally important to your audience that they see your face, hear what you have to say and come to trust your confidence.  If you are proud of your office, then show it off!  If you would like to send a soothing message, let's find a park or outdoor area to film.   The aesthetics of your video are every bit as important as the words that you speak.  We will work together to find the right location and atmosphere for your video. 

  • Local clients have the ability to stay right where they are.  Filming a video can be time consuming.  Our job is to make the shoot as easy and comfortable as possible.  This means coordinating with you to find the right time and place to make your video worth the investment.

  • Be comfortable!  We know that creating a video is a step out of your comfort zone.  You may feel more relaxed filming in your own environment.  Feeling comfortable and confident will have the same impact on your potential customers.  Let's work together to make your video a success.

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