Avoid Video Mistakes by Taking Advantage of a D.C. Video Studio Rental

Looking at YouTube videos made by small businesses can give you a good idea of what works and what doesn't. Some videos are high quality and rank well, while others—many others—are of poor quality and don't do the business that made them any favors.

Mistakes are common when making web videos, and avoiding the most common promotional video mistakes can help boost the success of the web video marketing campaign for your small business.

When you make your video, be sure to avoid the following:

  • Poor sound quality. If the sound on your video is bad—think an echo, background noise, distortion, or hard to hear voices—viewers will quickly back click.
  • Poor video quality. A grainy, blurry, or dark video gives a bad impression. After all, if you can't be bothered to make a decent video, who says you will deliver a decent product or service?
  • Confusing message. Before you shoot, it's imperative that your videos have a clear direction. Ensure that your script makes sense and delivers the message you want it to. Consider your ideal client and his or her needs and questions when outlining your video.    

Your potential customers or clients expect good video. If you don't deliver, make any of the above mistakes, or don't use video at all, your marketing efforts will suffer.   

To ensure high-quality video, consider renting our D.C. green screen video studio. We offer weekend and evening rentals in order to accommodate small businesses such as yours.

Not a Fly-by-Night Video Company

At Gearshift we have a dedicated video studio. It's not a screen we set up and tear down; our studio is ready for a shoot, 24-7. Our green screen video studio is equipped with a three-walled green screen and professional-grade lighting, sound, and camera equipment. In addition, if you choose to book a session in our D.C. video studio, you will have access to a dressing room, kitchenette, conference room, and loads of free parking.   

Beyond the studio and all its perks, we offer expert, award-winning video production, editing, coding, and marketing services. Call 703.962.1270 to learn more or schedule your time in our D.C. video studio.  

Still need convincing? Check out our portfolio, or see how our production work has helped some of our clients.

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