Green Screen Video Services Can Be a Great Tool for Intra-Office Communications and Meetings

A green screen studio is no longer considered to be something only weather reporters or high-budget movies use. In fact, you could use a green screen studio for something as easy as intra-office communications or company meetings.

When hiring new employees, what do most companies do to educate them about their new employer? They usually have a quick meeting with the HR person, and they're handed a huge packet of papers to go read in a corner for the rest of the day. Yes; it's necessary to help new employees get acquainted with the company they will be working for. But, after a few hours of staring at the paperwork and manuals, their eyes will gloss over—and they won't care about anything they are reading. What if you could improve that onboarding experience 100 percent by incorporating video? Instead of telling them about all of the great features of the office, show them in the video. Try filming introductions from key players and executives within the business so they can learn faces, names, and personalities. Show them footage from last year's company picnic and from some of the philanthropic things your business does. Shooting these videos in a green screen studio will allow you to incorporate various settings and footage that you wouldn't normally be able to do outside of the studio.

Above, you'll see an example of an employee training video we shot in our Fairfax studio for the purpose of training air traffic controllers on the latest systems used by the FAA. You can see how great it is for getting all your employees up to speed.

Green screen videos can also be great tools for big meetings. Instead of clicking your way through a PowerPoint presentation, how about an interesting, informative video that will hold the attention of employees? Or perhaps your company is headquartered in D.C., but you also do a lot of work across the country. Incorporate footage from the work people are doing outside of the office so that you can actually show the employees at the headquarters what is happening instead of just telling them about it. It's all about creating a visual experience that people can really relate to.

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