A “Green Screen” Is an Effective and Economical Way to Shoot Your Law Firm's Video


If you're a fan of Hollywood blockbusters, you probably know that the actor playing Spiderman isn't really dangling off a crane and fighting a giant lizard. Most of these effects are accomplished by having the actor “emote” in front of a giant blue or green screen onto which the appropriate footage is later projected. Add a final touch of Hollywood editing magic, and the two separate streams of footage are completely integrated: even a professional won't be able to locate the seams.


You Can Use “Green Screen” Technology in Your Law Firm's Video


Granted, if you're shooting a promotional video for your law firm that you eventually plan to upload to YouTube, you probably won't need to avail yourself of giant lizards or dangling crane shots. But there are some other major advantages to green screen technology:


  • It allows you to have more control over your video shoot, since you don't have to hire a film crew to go “on location” at your place of business, which can be a disruptive, messy, and expensive undertaking.
  • It lets your narrator visit various “locations” without the expense or time involved in traveling there. A good editor can seamlessly integrate your footage to make it really look like you're on a Hawaiian beach!
  • It allows you to explain charts, graphs, and other data that can be projected on the screen and referenced with a virtual “pointer.” You can even go through your law firm's website, page by page, and show what you have to offer.
  • It lets you “talk” to clients in remote locations. This is the kind of technology used by news stations around the world: you can be the “anchor,” and your client (or expert) is the green screen person who is being interviewed.

Fairfax Virginia Green Screen Rental

Producing a Video? Use Gearshift's “Green Screen” Technology


Often, the easiest and most economical way to shoot a video for your law firm is to do most of the heavy lifting in a studio—and Gearshift has one of the most advanced and versatile studios in the DC area. By using our green screen technology, you will ensure that the reality of your video matches the concept you've been carrying around in your head for all these years. Call us today at 703-962-1270 to schedule a free consultation!