Four Common Myths About Green Screen Studios

Sometimes when we ask our video clients if they’d like to use a green screen for their project, they recoil and say, “No way!” When we ask them why they are so against green screens, they often answer with a common green screen misconception or myth. Once they hear the truth about green screens, many are more likely to utilize the tool in the future – with great results.


What are the most common green screen myths we hear at Gearshift? 


  • Green screens are only for weathermen and action movie stars. Yes, when most people think about green screens, they picture their local meteorologist waving in a cold front or Tom Cruise running from a virtual explosion in his latest blockbuster. However, green screens are also used for a number of small projects and web videos – you just might not notice.
  • Green screens are expensive to use. When people hear “green screen,” they hear “technology.” And, when people hear “technology,” they hear “expensive.” In reality, though, shooting a green screen video can be much less expensive than shooting on location or shooting on a set. In addition, green screen studios don’t run into many of the road blocks that are common in a traditional video shoot.
  • Green screens look unprofessional. Green screen videos looked terrible twenty years ago. You probably have visions of cheap commercials, bad special effects, and lousy lighting. This is simply not the case any longer. With today’s technology and equipment, your green screen video can look awesome.
  • Green screens are too complicated for our project. Many people are intimidated by green screen studios. They are thinking about how difficult it will be to make – possibly while thinking about multi-million dollar action movies that use the technology. In reality, though, we can produce your videos quickly and easily – and you won’t have to do a thing.


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