Experiencing Technical Difficulties with Your Green Screen Videos?

Green screen technology is an amazing tool for making videos and movies. And, while it's possible for nearly anyone with a video camera and a green sheet to shoot green screen video, doing it well requires some work. If you are having a hard time getting green screen video just right, check out these common green screen mistakes and their simple solutions:

  • Shadows. If your subject casts a shadow, it can affect the quality of the video. To avoid shadows on the green screen, have the subject stand further from the screen and/or use better, more diffuse light sources.
  • Motion blur. When your subject moves quickly, there may be some blurring. This can cause the blurred portion of the subject to appear to be missing in the video. To prevent this from happening, use a higher shutter speed. 
  • Shooting outside of the green screen. If your subject or the camera is moving around a lot, you might end up shooting some frames outside of the green screen, where surrounding walls are visible. Avoid this at all costs, as fixing it post-production is very time consuming. More than likely, the video will have to be reshot.  

Beyond Technical Mistakes

You can have the perfect green screen set up and still fail at making green screen videos. Most of these fails have more to do with style than technical skills:

  • Choosing the right background. It may be tempting to shoot the video for your product from the top of the Empire State Building. But, if it doesn't fit your product or service, don't do it. Your background should enhance you or your product, not be a distraction.
  • Leave out the bells and whistles. Sure, you can add crazy sound effects and rotating, spinning text to your video, but should you? Usually, the answer is no. Too many of these extras can make your video appear cheap and amateur.
  • Consider using a spokesmodel. Everything and everyone in front of a green screen stands out. That's the point. So, if you think your face is better for Pandora than YouTube, ask us about our Virginia video spokesmodel services.

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