Here's What You Get When You Rent a Green Screen Studio from Gearshift

If you're planning to rent a video studio, complete with a green screen on which to project footage, you want your package to include as many “perks” as possible. Ideally, your rental agreement should include the bare studio space, the green screen, dressing and conference rooms, and even a kitchen so your hungry crew can refresh itself between takes. That's why you should rent your space from Gearshift!

At Gearshift, You Get More Than Bare Studio Space

What do you get when you rent a green screen studio from Gearshift? Here's the list:

  • A 20' by 20' space with eight-foot-high walls, so you'll have plenty of space for personnel, equipment, and onlookers
  • A state-of-the-art, fully lit green screen that can be configured to cover all three walls (sixty feet total)
  • A separate dressing room for your on-screen talent
  • A separate conference room for you and your staff to hammer out details of your shoot (or to use as a “break room” for personnel)
  • A kitchen where you can stock soft drinks and snacks
  • Wireless internet access for you, your staff, and your on-screen talent to access your laptops and wireless devices
  • Ample parking, which is especially important if your crew and talent are arriving independently from different locations

Get the Most for Your Rental Money – Shoot Your Clip at Gearshift

A green screen studio rental should include more than just a green screen and a studio. At Gearshift, we know that shooting a TV commercial or YouTube video can be a grueling, multi-day endeavor, and the process goes more smoothly when you have amenities like kitchens and dressing rooms. Interested? Contact our green screen video representatives at 703-962-1270 to learn more today!

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