Facebook's Video Chat Feature Demonstrates the Benefits of Web Video

It's apparent that Facebook is feeling the heat from Google's new social network Google+. Announced just a week after the Google+ launch, Facebook's video chat feature promises a "one-click" solution to video chatting. In other words, Facebook claims their video chat service is the easiest to use, as video chats can be enabled by simply clicking on another active Facebook friend in a chat list. Google+ has recently wowed the social networking community by offering its video chat feature called "Hangouts," which allow more than two people to video chat at once. Facebook only offers a two-person video chat.


What does this latest development in video chatting mean for adding web video to your website? There are many benefits to web video, but this specific video chatting feature signifies that video is completely here to stay. Internet technology has advanced to the point that video is no longer a luxury... even many cell phones can now record and share video.


With web video becoming widespread and massively consumed, it is no longer possible for next-gen marketers to ignore the benefits of web video. Not only does video communicate information in a quick and convenient fashion, it also is simply regarded as cool and desirable.  


There may be more than one way to skin a cat, but video is this era's marketing necessity. If you are ready to create high-definition video for your website, as well as benefit from professional web marketing expertise, give Gearshift TV a call at 1.877.477.STUDIO.

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