Don't Let your Resume Take Flight as a Paper Airplane! Video Resumes are Harder to Crumple.

Have you ever considered adding some personality to your resume? Perhaps wondered if you could add a joke, a picture, or even a recording to help the reader get to know you better? Paper resumes, while widely used and important, are undoubtedly sterile and bland. The information on the resume is what is important, but impressive credentials alone seldom get you the job or convert a client. It often takes a show of personality or creativity to seal the deal. Many people are turning to the video resume to remain competitive.


A video resume lets you communicate so much more than a traditional resume ever can. Some people print their paper resume on an odd size of paper to stand out; others use bizarre fonts or colors. Instead of gimmicks, what if you presented yourself to prospective employers or clients by filming your resume on video? You can record yourself speaking about your life, what you've accomplished, and who you are. Alternatively, you can put together a presentation using graphics, pictures, video clips, and interviews.


Some of the benefits of a video resume are:


  • Separate Yourself From the Competition: Whether you are seeking employment or selling yourself to prospective clients, it's not easy to stand out. With the advent of the internet, customers and employers can search far and wide for talent. A video resume will help separate you from that ever-expanding crowd.


  • Make a Great First Impression: You can explain your achievements, persona, and capabilities in front of the camera. This offers a unique opportunity to present yourself in a warm, inviting manner. When shot in studio, these kinds of video resumes can be edited and shot several times over to ensure you are looking and sounding your absolute best!


  • Present and Entertain: Your video resume can also include graphics, photos, slide-shows, and other media that can entice and impress the viewer. "Trial Lawyer of the Year" sounds great on a paper resume, but a photo of you receiving the award with audio commentary makes the accomplishment more tangible.


There are a multitude of other benefits to list, but it's important to note that your video resume is as much a unique creation as it is a business web video. At Gearshift, our graphic artists and expert photographers are able to present your story using innovative techniques and solid camera work. Your life and accomplishments are so much more than a paper resume; call 1.877.477.STUDIO to separate yourself from the competition.