What's the Difference between Website SEO and YouTube SEO?

In order the understand the difference between Website SEO (search engine optimization) and YouTube SEO, it is important to understand that your videos can help your website itself and not just your YouTube channel. Professional video marketing necessitates a wise SEO strategy, and understanding the importance of optimizing for both websites and YouTube is critical to success on search engines. 

Of course, everyone wants their YouTube campaign to go well. YouTube is an awesome marketing tool, especially since it sits directly behind Google as the world's second largest search engine. You can optimize your videos for YouTube and attract a lot of attention to your YouTube channel, but this is not the only function your web videos can serve. You can also put your web videos to work optimizing your own website.

Optimizing your web videos for your own website can help your Google search results. The reason for this is that Google loves diverse, interesting content. Video can also be social and shared on lots of social networking sites, bringing massive SEO benefit to your site. The first priority is not always YouTube, although YouTube is important. In fact, optimizing your videos on your website before you optimize for YouTube may be the most effective SEO method for your business.

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