Washington, DC Video Production Firms Know Why Your Music Video Needs a Green Screen

Recording artists know the benefits of using a recording studio. A studio permits a controlled environment. In a studio, an unlimited number of takes can be made, effects can be used to create the desired sound, high quality equipment is available for perfect audio quality, and ambient noises and distractions can be minimized. When examining your options for recording a music video, video production firms in Washington, DC can bring you many of the same benefits found in audio studios to your video shoot.


A green screen allows you to combine the desire for unique settings with the advantages of a studio atmosphere. So, what is a green screen?


A green screen is a screen you film in front of that allows digital images and scenery to be superimposed in the background. In other words, you can place yourself in any setting you would like, while staying in the studio. Here are some of the benefits of filming your music video on a green screen:


  • Creative control: Whatever scenery, graphic, background, or effect you would prefer, the green screen can help make that happen. Our experienced artists and technicians can help with ideas and techniques to help bring your ideas to life; all we need from you is your imagination.


  • Decreased travel cost and hassle: You don't need a plane ticket to travel to Paris or even outer space. The green screen takes you there in an instant.


  • Controlled environment: By using a green screen, you maintain all the assets that a studio offers. You have easy access to many amenities, including cosmetics, your instruments, controlled lighting, and consistent weather.


  • Save time: Working in a studio means you work in a distraction-free environment without having to spend time traveling to different destinations.


Using a green screen benefits musicians who desire maximum creative control, the comfort of a studio, and the ability to conserve time and resources by limiting travel. Are you ready to see how a green screen can unlock creative options while saving you time and money? If you are ready or have question, give Washington, DC video production firm Gearshift a call at 1.877.477.STUDIO.