Why Should Attorneys Use Videos as Part of Their Marketing Campaigns?

Attorneys who refuse to use videos as part of their online marketing campaigns are a bit like the movie studio executives of the 1950s who refused to switch to color from black and white: What seemed like a passing fad quickly became the expected standard. By the same token, dismissing videos as “not worth the bother” will make even a visually appealing website seem hopelessly outdated. The professionals at Gearshift know how to produce videos for your site that will attract traffic and, more importantly, paying clients.


Online Videos Are Attracting an Ever-Increasing Audience

As recently as a decade ago, when the majority of American households had dial-up rather than broadband connections, online video was a luxury enjoyed only by the few. Today, however, the vast majority of people access the internet via cable or DSL, and broadband is now considered to be a mere utility, like electricity or running water. Consider the following statistics:


  • YouTube, the world's largest provider of online video, receives over two billion page views per day. 
  • According to surveys, over two-thirds of Americans watch online videos on computers or mobile devices like smartphones and iPads. That number goes up to a whopping 89 percent for people aged 18 to 29. 
  • Over 25 million regular YouTube visitors have some form of higher education, consisting of either four-year or graduate degrees.


Videos Promote Your Expertise and Make Your Site More “Sticky”


The fact that millions of people watch online videos every day may not, in and of itself, be enough to convince you to incorporate videos on your website. However, market research has shown that embedding videos in your site improves the online experience and leads to increased user engagement. For example:


  • Visitors spend considerably more time on websites that contain video clips as opposed to static text, graphics, and links. 
  • Video clips allow visitors to assess your appearance, temperament, and sense of humor, the kind of “intangibles” that can't be conveyed with words and graphics alone. 
  • Because YouTube is owned by Google, an expertly targeted video can appear on the first page of search results literally hours after it's posted.


The Experts at Gearshift Can Help Manage Your Video Campaign


Videos can improve a website, but not just any videos will do: they have to be well-produced, well-written, and targeted to the kinds of clients you want to attract. Gearshift will work with you to produce videos for your site that won't break the bank and will attract the kinds of clients you're searching for. Call now for a free consultation!