How do I increase viewership regarding my online videos?

The major challenge in online video marketing is not necessarily in producing the video itself, but in getting people to actually view it.  Regardless of how well your video was produced, if a great marketing strategy is absent, you may be left wondering what went wrong.


Here is one of the best kept secrets to a successful video campaign: attach a celebrity name to your video.  Because celebrities are amongst the most frequently searched for, associating a celebrity name to your video can greatly enhance your video's search ranking.  The best advice is to "name-drop" a celebrity who has used or advertised services to those you currently offer.  This will enable you to "ride the celebrity wave" and group your video with the celebrity's name.  The hope associated with this strategy is that when a user searches for a specific celebrity, your video associated with that celebrity's name will appear higher on the search results list.


High profile celebrities, just like ordinary people, have employed legal services from time to time.  The celebrities require many of the same legal services and undergo many of the same problems that everyday people need and experience.   So, what better way to gain additional viewership than to attach a celebrity name to your video!


Gaining viewership can be challenging, but it is not impossible by any means.  We understand this and have unique strategies to offer you.   Online video marketing constantly undergoes changes and transformations due to rapidly changing technology.  Do not fall behind the trend; it can be difficult to recover.  Call us toll free at 877-477-STUDIO for a consultation today.

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