What's the difference between commercials on television and marketing videos on my website?

There is one major difference between television ads and website video content: what the viewer expects. Viewers turn on the television and expect to see advertisements. They expect the advertisement to have an agenda and a point and to ask them to buy something. Your web video content cannot always share these aspects with a television commercial because people expect more from your website.

When someone goes to your website, they are most likely hoping to find information or the answer to a question. If you are a restaurant, for example, visitors want to see vivid content displaying your menu and location. If your web videos are quality content that help the viewer by providing information or answering a question, then you have just shown the viewer why they should hire you - instead of simply telling them to do so in an advertisement. Your videos can communicate your capabilities, your personality, and your knowledge of your field.

Of course, sometimes the lines blur a bit, and your web videos will have advertising elements. Keep in mind, though, that the web isn't just another screen to advertise on. Your helpful website and involvement in social media can help form a relationship between your business and your viewers. For instance, when we produce marketing videos for lawyers, we may have them explain steps someone should take immediately following a car accident. This information is helpful to the viewers and shows how competent the attorney is. This is how to sell yourself in a way no other marketing medium can provide.

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