A Video Bio for Your LinkedIn Account: Is It Worth It?

Whether you are looking to attract clients or make business connections, the social media network for professionals, LinkedIn, is a sure bet. Your LinkedIn account is your gateway to modern networking. You can think about it as a Swiss army knife - it lists your information, allows you to contact others, lets you search for jobs, and helps other people discover you through shared connections. Many professionals are turning to business web video, particularly video bios, to help enhance their LinkedIn account.


The internet has never been as visual, mobile, and fast as it is right now. If you carry a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you have high speed access to mobile video. When you make a connection on LinkedIn, wouldn't you prefer the person viewing your profile to see you for who you are? Text is forgettable and easy to skim. By uploading a custom video bio to your LinkedIn account, you are allowing viewers to get a much greater glimpse of who you are, which could very well lead to an important business connection.


Here are some reasons to consider adding a video bio to your LinkedIn account:


  • Get Noticed: You never know who could be browsing your profile. By adding an inviting video bio in your profile, you could really impress someone worth impressing. In June 2011, LinkedIn had 33.9 million unique visitors to its website; using a video bio can help separate you from the crowd.


  • Tell Your Story: Nothing tells your own story better than you. You can make a great first impression without picking up a phone or traveling to meet someone. Your bio can show your friendly side, your sincere side, your struggles, and your achievements.


  • Enhance Your Presentation: Your LinkedIn profile will look great with a video bio, but a video bio needs to look great as well. Explaining your story via a pixelated webcam is likely to produce the opposite of the video bio's intended effect. Video production firms can film your bio to your exact tastes using advanced equipment and effects, all at an affordable price. Also, video professionals can ensure that you look your best, sound your best, and show your best.


Are you ready to take full advantage of LinkedIn with a video bio? Contact the business web video professionals with Gearshift at 1.877.477.STUDIO to get started today.