What Is a Virtual Set?

A virtual set is a television studio which allows the background to be manipulated in real time. A virtual set will permit you to alter the background or setting with digital graphics- your imagination is the limit. Virginia video production company Gearshift has the expertise to create the virtual set of your choosing.


A virtual set can place the people in your video into a news room, a courtroom, or even outer space! Here are some of the great benefits to using a virtual set:


  • Quicker and easier to set up than real sets.
  • Create your own virtual set or select one from a variety of professionally custom made sets.
  • You can quickly switch digital sets when you want to.
  • You can add people to your videos as though they are on the set with you.
  • Virtual sets also "act" like the real thing. Despite the set being virtual, you can still have multiple camera angles and superimpose additional images onto the virtual set


Virtual sets are becoming more common as graphics technology improves.  Computer graphics are now able to render scenes with incredible realism.  Let us help you create your custom virtual set. Call us today at 877-477-STUDIO.  Also, be sure to order our free Video Marketing DVD.

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