Don't Leave Your Potential Customers Guessing! Use a Call to Action

You, the potential customer, have decided to attend a very exciting DC video production convention this weekend. Since you have seen the astronomical success of YouTube and the broad availability of mobile devices capable of displaying web video, you have decided to attend this convention to shop for video production firms to further your marketing efforts. You aren't so sure about using a video production firm, so you aim to let them convince you that you need them. 


You walk by one kiosk and view a video on a screen. The video's introduction captivates you, and you find yourself sucked in within 15 seconds of the video's start. You find the information entertaining, informative, invigorating, and well stated. The video motivates you to create a professional YouTube campaign and invest in its success. If your marketing campaign contained videos of this caliber, you could imagine a sizable increase in your client base. You are convinced, ready to invest, and know the benefits are worth it.


As the video concludes, you grab a pen and paper in anticipation of writing down the video production company's information. On the last screen, however, it simply says "Thank you for Watching." That's it. There's no phone number, website, contact name, or even address. You are left wondering if this video's intent was purely to promote professional video production in a broad sense, without any recommendation on who to consult with. You are left guessing.


When the consumer is left guessing, you lose that potential customer.

A call to action is one of the most important aspects of your marketing materials - without it, the consumer does not know what to do. A call to action tells the viewer explicitly what to do next, whether it is to contact you by phone, order your free book, or view your resources on your website.


Sometimes a call to action is more than simply communicating your contact information. You need to have a strong call to action that invigorates the potential client and/or reinforces points you have made in your marketing materials. 


You can invigorate your potential client by mentioning a deal or perk associated with your call to action. For instance, you can say, "Contact us for a FREE, no-obligation consultation today, and remember to order our free book when you call." You can also instruct, "Make sure to mention our Labor Day discount on the phone, and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter here."


Reinforcing your marketing arguments during your call to action is compelling. For example, "Call us at 1.877.477.STUDIO" does not sound as good as, "If you are ready to learn how a YouTube campaign can increase the quality and quantity of your web traffic, give the video experts at Gearshift a call at 1.877.477.STUDIO today."


It's a common mistake to forget the call to action, but failing to include a strong call to action can be fatal to your marketing goals. You must tell the viewer what to do, and you must make a strong case for the viewer to perform the call to action with effective marketing materials.


To learn more about how to combine a compelling YouTube campaign, professional video production, and a strong call to action into a serious marketing package, contact Gearshift TV today at 1.877.477.STUDIO. Also, don't forget to ask about our $750 homepage video special, and be sure to download our marketing guide for attorneys, Explode Your Practice through Internet Marketing, by clicking here!