Can DC area clubs benefit from Web video?

DC, Maryland and Virginia clubs benefit from Web video in several ways.  Washington, DC nightlife attracts visitors from up and down the East Coast. DC is well known for its historic sites, but it is also a city known for its independent and eclectic music scenes and edgy comic personalities.


By maintaining a visible online presence using Web video, clubs can show off their megawatt sound systems, space age lighting and sleek atmosphere in a way that is inviting and compelling.  Club patrons are often searching for a new venue for a Friday night out, and video is perhaps the best way to get people talking about what your club has to offer.


Gearshift is a DC area video production studio staffed with top tier creative experts who make the most out of state of the art video equipment.  They will bring an unmatched sense of style to your online video campaign.  Your video campaign will capitalize on every unique aspect of your club, from parties and events to music and entertainment.  Viewers will get the best possible taste of the flavors your club adds to DC nightlife.  Contact Gearshift at 877-477-STUDIO to learn more.