Deciding Between Online Video Production or TV Commercial? Read this First!

It has been more than three decades since some attorneys started shocking the legal world with TV commercials. Attorneys who advertised on TV were often looked down upon by their colleagues. At best, they were considered desperate. At worst, they were considered unethical.


Times Have Changed….or Have They?


Online videos are not the same as TV commercials, yet many attorneys are reluctant to begin online video production. These attorneys are missing out and will be left behind. The attorneys who are going to succeed in the current marketing world are those who open their minds to professional law firm videos and who are ready to start production.


The Video Production Process is Different than the Commercial Production Process


In the “old” days of TV commercial marketing, law firms had to go to considerable expense to hire a TV production crew and a company to market the commercial and fit it in the right time slots. Many law firms found themselves spending $25,000 or more for a 30-second commercial that would air a few times. Small law firms were understandably priced out of the TV market because the possible return on the investment was not worth the upfront cost.


The same is not true for online video production. While it is advisable to hire a professional to produce a law firm video, the costs are significantly less than the costs of creating a commercial, you have more time in your video to get your point across, and your video may reach more people who search for and are actually interested in your services.


Online Video Production Produces Different Results than TV Commercials


A TV commercial shows for a short amount of time to a limited audience, and you pay for each showing. Online videos are different. You pay once to make the video, and your investment is the same whether one person watches it or three million people watch it. It has the potential to go viral and can stay online indefinitely.


Online videos may help you reach more people for less than producing a TV commercial would cost. If you are interested in learning more, please call Gearshift today at 877-477-7883 and order our FREE book Are You a Small Business Trying to Get Found on YouTube.