Professional Editing for Your Home Video

Do you have an old stack of home movies laying around that you simply don't know what to do with? Have you caught yourself wanting to view old family videos but not had a device that can play your film cassettes?  By using a professional video editing service, you can turn your ordinary home videos into beautiful works of art that are also enjoyable family heirlooms.


Capturing family pictures and video has always been an American pastime. Ever sit through a vacation slide-show, eagerly looking for pictures of your mom or dad, your favorite aunt, and of course, you? As technologies advance and prices drop over time, your memories become captured on different media like Betamax, VHS, Super 8, DVD, HDD, and now flash memory. It is difficult to maintain all the viewing equipment to cater to different cameras and different video formats.


Consider bringing your home video in for professional editing. By using a professional video editing service, you can consolidate home videos and pictures from multiple formats into quality DVD. This conversion is often more affordable than advanced video editing software, with results that aren't borne of trial and error. Professional video editors can preserve or perhaps even enhance original audio and video quality, add music to fit a theme, and provide creative and fun transitional effects. There's no doubt that the memories preserved in well-crafted home video can be some of the most powerful and sentimental gifts to give.  They're perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, and as souvenirs from a family reunion.


Give us a call at Gearshift.  We're a professional DC video production studio ready to work with you to transform your home videos and photos into a priceless and lasting work of art that your whole family will love forever. Contact us at 877-477-STUDIO to discuss your old footage and new ideas.

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