When it comes to shooting quality video, you need to pay careful attention to lighting.  It is usually easy to differentiate between amateur videos and professional ones, which generally has to with the important element of lighting.  If you are starting the video production process, then you need to be aware of the difference in lighting outside versus inside.

The best scenario for a video that is shot outside is an overcast day.  However, if you are shooting on a sunny afternoon, you have to know how to film when your subject is in the sunlight.  For example, you need to identify the direction of the sun and how the light is cast in your frame.  You don’t want to shoot facing the sun, because it will create lens flares in your video. 

While an overcast day is best, you can’t control the weather conditions.  You might want to consider filming indoors, if you can't obtain the right lighting outside.

You will have a little more control of the light, as you shoot your video indoors.  It is best to film people who are close to a light source.  You can also re-arrange lamps to get the desired lighting effect.

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