Six Steps to Setting Up Video Podcasts

Podcasting-a set of digital media files released periodically and frequently downloaded through web syndication-provides businesses with an excellent, quick, and affordable way to capture an online audience.  With the sheer amount of hand-held devices on the market today that have audio, video, and internet capabilities (i.e. most of them), podcasting serves as a simple and effective way to reach many, especially those that cannot be without Apple's iPod, iPhone and iPad products at any given time. If you are unfamiliar with how to use podcasts to promote your business, below are six steps to get you started:


  • Create an iTunes store account. You will need an iTunes account before you can submit any podcasts. Registering is free, as is uploading a podcast.
  • Record your podcast. Video Podcasts can be recorded with something as simple as a webcam. PC users have numerous video production and conversion programs at their disposal. Mac users can create video Podcasts using QuickTime, iMovie, or Final Cut.
  • Find an acceptable hosting solution. iTunes does not host XML or media files, so you will need to host your own media files and RSS feeds on company web servers or use a third party hosting provider.
  • Provide good metadata. Metadata will help viewers find your Podcast through search engines and decide whether or not they want to subscribe to it. Use relevant keywords, indexed by the iTunes search engine to describe your podcast to potential viewers. Because most viewers look for Podcasts via search, metadata is key.
  • Include a striking image, in addition to a riveting title. Cover art is essential. Good cover art will not only help attract new viewers to your Podcast, but it will also increase the odds that it will be showcased as a featured product on one of theiTunes store's main pages.
  • Request an "artist page." Once you have multiple podcasts listed in the iTunes Store, you can request an "artist page," which will let you group your podcasts together and list them on a single page.


Gearshift is a video production company in Virginia.  Call us at 877-477-STUDIO, and we will gladly assist you with every step of realizing your podcasting dream.  From creating smart, original videos, to designing unique cover art, to helping you understand how to use metadata efficiently, Farifax Video Studio is your one-stop-shop for success.


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