Understand the Mechanics of Your Video Camera

One of the most important, if not the most crucial elements of the actual act of shooting a video, is the ability to have a complete and in depth understanding of how your camera works in a mechanical sense.

With today’s technology it is becoming easier and easier to just pick up a camera and press a button and begin the camera recording. Also, many camera settings can be run automatically, which is a huge convenience to both the amateur videographer and the experienced cinematographer who is strapped for time.  However, the automatic settings as of now are unable to match the quality that a manually adjusted setting can afford.

One key feature that all videographers should know is how to use their camera’s white balance. White balance is a feature that resets the color value that is given to white and in turn makes all of your other colors look more true to life. If you do not know how to use the white balance then your video is bound to come out looking dingy or overtly bright and washed out.

Another feature that you should know how to operate is the ability to turn on and off both the manual focus and zoom. There is a new world that is opened up when you realize the endless shots that can be accomplished when the camera is not trying to auto focus all the time. Many artistic panning zoom shots that fade in and out of focus can be added to your filming repertoire.

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