Whether or not you are a personal fan of CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta, you have to admit he has made a name for himself. Yes, some are partial to his looks and others applaud his medical accomplishments, but let’s face it - everyone works themselves silly becoming a doctor. Regardless of any physician’s accomplishments, it still takes a special marketing approach to achieving the desired patient volumes and lifestyle. So, what can you learn from someone like Dr. Gupta about your practice’s marketing needs?

What Can I Learn from Physician Media Personalities?

Dr. Gupta gives reports. The public is fascinated by medicine but also quite perplexed by it. There are reasons so much schooling and clinical work is needed to become a doctor, the ideas and techniques are extremely complex. People want to learn what is wrong (or could go wrong) with their bodies, and they often consult the internet and television about their ailments. Dr. Gupta is highlighted in television and web video to give an expert opinion or explanation on a specific disease or bodily process. While this isn’t a sound way for patients to diagnose or manage disease, web video for physicians is a great way for you to get them in to see you so they can be properly treated.

Displaying Your Aptitude

You can also give reports, in the form of web video. As we have done for many attorneys and physicians, we urge our clients to offer web viewers a piece of specialty knowledge. By getting in front of the camera and explaining your specialty, a disease you are known to treat, or just general knowledge about certain illnesses, you are displaying your aptitude to potential patients. Patients like to know who they are going to see before they make an appointment; by offering reports on highly specialized medical information, you can assure patients that you are well qualified to treat them.

An added benefit to offering viewers information via web videos is that you are showing generosity. By offering them helpful tips or explanations, you are showing them you have their best interests in mind. If you are ready to fully exploit the benefits of web video for your practice, give the DC video production firm Gearshift a call at 1.877.477.STUDIO.

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