YouTube Creator Playbook SEO Part 1: Cross Promotion & Collaboration

YouTube is the premiere video sharing service in the world. YouTube used to be known as a site for sharing funny videos, but it has since evolved into a massive resource for marketers looking for web exposure for their company. It is no surprise that video has quickly become one of the best media formats for web marketing, especially given that YouTube has become so successful that it now ranks as the world's second largest search engine (behind its parent company Google). To help YouTube users get the best exposure, YouTube has released The YouTube Creator Playbook.


The playbook focuses heavily on helping you market your own videos and your YouTube channel. This practice is essential to your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. Without optimizing your videos so they rank highly in search engine results, the people you are marketing to will not see your video. At the DC video production firm Gearshift, we have created a video describing the 4 most important aspects of SEO from the YouTube Creator Playbook. You can view the video here.


Cross Promotion & Collaboration


In order to be successful on YouTube, you need to be social. What do we mean by social? We mean you need to promote other YouTube channels on your own channel and promote yourself on other YouTube channels. This can be as easy as subscribing to other YouTube channels and asking others to subscribe to your channel.


Cross promotion & collaboration is about creating a presence in the community. YouTube will rank your channel higher (and thus allow it to get more exposure in search results) if you participate in the YouTube community.


Gearshift TV specializes in SEO strategy and implementation, as well as professional video production. To learn more about the playbook or SEO, contact us at 1.877.477.STUDIO.

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