YouTube Creator Playbook SEO Part 2: Investigate Peaks and Valleys

In Part 1, we discussed the importance of SEO for your YouTube channel and introduced the SEO content in the YouTube Creator Playbook. In this section, we will discuss how to investigate peaks and valleys to help your search result rankings with Google and YouTube. All four of the most important SEO practices for your YouTube channel are discussed in our video, found here.


Investigate Peaks and Valleys


Peaks and valleys represent the effective and ineffective aspects of your videos. Some characteristics of your video will lend well to scoring high in search results, while other characteristics will downgrade your video. YouTube rewards users who use analytics tools like Google Insight to help display data about how they can improve their video.


In other words, using these analytics tools will give you advice on how to improve your videos and how they are "optimized" for search engines. Also, you are rewarded for using the analytics tools in the first place. YouTube wants quality content for its website, and they will help your video succeed if you follow their advice on ways to improve it.


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