Video Marketing Case Study: GoPro Camera maker of highly portable HD video cameras-has approached online marketing in a whole new way! advertises small, portable cameras that are so convenient that they can be taken virtually anywhere in the world.  The challenge that plagued the company lay in figuring out a unique marketing ploy that would ultimately sell their product and win customers in a market with fierce competition. 


So what did GoPro do?  They challenged their customers to submit videos they filmed of their adventures with GoPro cameras and post them on YouTube.  GoPro now boasts over a hundred videos on their YouTube channel, which have garnered around twenty-four million views thus far! GoPro didn't have to spend much time or money on this marketing venture because their customers did all the work for them, validating their products.


The point is that online marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective strategies available to any business.  YouTube is free to utilize, as are most other major social networking sites.  If you're interested in utilizing a video production company in Virginia, Gearshift can assist you with all of your video marketing needs.  Contacting us is the first step to jump-starting a successful online video marketing campaign.  Call us toll free at 877-477-STUDIO, and be sure to order your free copy of our Video Marketing DVD today.

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